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Enabling Provision of Client Clearing Solutions

InterLINK is an innovative solution enabling clearing members to build and expand regional specific multi asset class client clearing solutions across world wide clearing houses.

As market focus shifts from global to regional, InterLINK facilitates flexibility and scalability whilst providing robust regulatory compliant risk management and reporting.

Unlocking Revenue Streams

Expanding Strategic Opportunities

With the continuing shift toward centralised clearing, InterLINK’s rapid and cost-effective implementation enables continuous integration with new instruments and currencies.

Diverse asset classes and CCP coverage help market participants target a wider client base. InterLINK enables clearing members to generate new revenue streams with expanded client clearing services.

Faster time-to-market… InterLINK.

Dynamic Access to Liquidity

Unlocking access for regional franchise clients to multi asset class world-wide clearing houses. InterLINK enables clearing members to allow their client to seamlessly track market liquidity.

Extensive Risk Management

InterLINK provides clearing members with independent, robust and real-time risk management analytics and controls to effectively mitigate client risk.

Robust tools for premium service

  • Support across multiple client segregation options
  • Default Management Process/Fire drill support functionality
  • Extended intelligent credit risk
  • Monitoring/alerts including real-time & pre-acceptance collateral adequacy checks
  • Flexible billing structures by client categorisation (Gold/Silver/Bronze)
  • Pre-built market standard reporting for clients
  • Regulatory reporting solutions

Intra-Day Operations

  • STP Cleared Trade Workflow
  • Real-time Limit Monitoring
  • Liquidity Management


End-of-Day Operations

  • Bilateral & Cleared Collateral Management
  • Reconciliations
  • Regulatory & Client Reporting



  • Transfer Pricing
  • Seamless CCP Upgrades
  • Independent CCP Risk Analytics