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Sernova Financial

Sernova Financial is an innovative provider of cloud based post-trade services with a focus on derivatives clearing and extending into collateral and integrated risk management. Sernova Financials solutions lower the barriers to entry for clearing by recreating the shared infrastructure and service elements of a traditional clearing brokers. The single platform that supports the full front-to-back management of ETD & OTC derivatives and collateral, enables clients to benefit from a seamless transition to a clearing member, reduced risk, lower costs, capital efficiency, greater flexibility, increased control and ability to follow CCP liquidity.


The aim of Sernova Financial is to decrease systematic risk and reduce dependencies on major global banks for market participants in capital markets by providing creative solutions in post-trade services.

Mission Statement

Sernova’s clearing solutions enable market participants to transition to clearing members or clearing brokers by lowering the technical and operational barriers to entry. Sernova recreates the shared infrastructure and service elements of a traditional clearing broker, providing market participants with a faster route to market and a lower total cost of ownership. Regionally significant entities are able to offer global products to local clients, while Sernova allows them to scale with their growing client clearing business.

Advantages of Shared Solutions

  • 31% annual saving vs internal implementation
  • Faster time to market with decreased implementation risk
  • Scalable clearing to access liquidity

Long-term Partner

  • Whole product solution provider
  • ETD & OTC clearing solutions
  • Transparent collateral management

Regulatory Compliance

  • Recreates big banks compliance for global and local markets
  • No conflict of interest, no Chinese walls – only client business
  • Provides regulatory compliance reporting
  • Ensures regulatory compliance in local markets

Variable Pricing Model

  • Transition from Capital to operating expenditure
  • Enables variable cost base
  • Seamless extension for new CCPs and products

Turnkey Solutions

  • Client-centric market leading solution
  • Low cost base platform for maintenance and upgrade
  • Adaptability of solution to incorporate wider market needs

Global Service Coverage

  • 24/6 support coverage
  • Global and local clearing houses
  • Multi asset