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Hybrid integration across direct memberships and clearing broker relationships

EndLINK provides end users with seamless integration across multiple models of accessing clearing houses and traditional clearing brokers enabling a holistic and consistent view across all clearing.

As the volume of clearing activity continues to increase and diversify, the complex management of clearing house and broker interactions is simplified by EndLINK.

Operational Framework Consolidation

A Backbone for Multi-Model Clearing Infrastructures

EndLINK enable clients to standardise and simplify across multiple clearing strategies therefore maximising the cost efficiencies with minimal burden.

By connecting to all available routes to access clearing houses, EndLINK ensures that clients can access evolving liquidity pools across the market.

EndLINK enables clients to select the appropriate risk models per clearing and / or asset classes enabling diversified balanced risk exposures.

Faster time-to-market… EndLINK.

Normalising global market access

Smart post-trade gateway

EndLINK  delivers certainty for post-trade flows, taking into consideration the numerous factors that drive intelligent clearing decisions (regulatory framework, CCP margin methodology, cost). Sernova EndLINK clients benefit from:

  • Pre-Trade transparency & smart routing (What-if)
  • Post-trade validation & certainty
  • Desk-level allocation of clearing costs
  • Single point of contact with CCP risk department
  • Proven track record of performing margin estimation
  • Ability to run additional calculations using our own risk module:
    • Stress-based scenarios
    • VaR calibrations
    • SPAN and alternative ETD calculations

Intra-Day Operations

  • STP Cleared Trade Workflow
  • Real-time Limit Monitoring
  • Liquidity Management


End-of-Day Operations

  • Bilateral & Cleared Collateral Management
  • Reconciliations
  • Regulatory & Client Reporting



  • Transfer Pricing
  • Seamless CCP Upgrades
  • Independent CCP Risk Analytics