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Become a Clearing Member

DirectLINK is a self-clearing solution allowing market participants to access and manage any number of clearing house service without being dependent on a clearing broker.

Reinforce Existing Memberships

DirectLINK can also be used to dramatically improve the management of existing or additional memberships reducing the compliance, development, and maintenance overhead.

Re-engineer the Cost of Clearing

DirectLINK moves capital expenditure to operating expenditure

DirectLINK eliminates the need for market participants to make heavy investments into people, processes, and systems that are likely to be obsolete before they are amortised.
Instead, Sernova aggregates the requirements of multiple clients to provide a single, cost-effective, robust, adaptable, and fully regulatory-compliant platform for clearing, collateral management, risk management, connectivity, and analytics.

Faster time-to-market… DirectLINK.

Dynamic Access to Liquidity

Multi asset class support for worldwide clearing houses

DirectLINK enables clients seamlessly transition between multiple clearing houses to access fluctuating liquidity.

Eradicate Clearing Broker Risk

Recreating the infrastructure of a traditional clearing broker

With DirectLINK, clients retain the legal and risk relationship with the clearing house, removing the intermediary risk of the clearing broker

Intra-Day Operations

  • STP Cleared Trade Workflow
  • Real-time Limit Monitoring
  • Liquidity Management


End-of-Day Operations

  • Bilateral & Cleared Collateral Management
  • Reconciliations
  • Regulatory & Client Reporting



  • Transfer Pricing
  • Seamless CCP Upgrades
  • Independent CCP Risk Analytics