About Us

Sernova Financial is a UK based entity founded in 2015 by industry experts, Venkatesh Ramasamy and Richard Thompson, in response to the mounting business complexity surrounding post-trade services.

Mission Statement

The aim of Sernova Financial is to democratise capital markets with creative solutions in post trade services. We begin with clearing solutions for end users and regional banks to transition to clearing members and clearing brokers. With a vision to expand into integrated clearing, collateral and risk management solutions, we aspire to be your innovative partner with unparalleled customer service.

Sernova Financial Solutions

Sernova Financial provides innovative cloud based solutions ultilising proven technology to provide services that are simple, standardised, shared and scalable.  With the backing of world-class unique partnerships, Sernova Financial can provide unparalleled customer service and ease the process for end users and regional banks looking to become clearing members or clearing brokers.