EndLINK provides end users with seamless integration across multiple clearing brokers to facilitate a holistic and harmonised view across all cleared trades.

As the volume of clearing activity has increased, managing the clearing broker interactions – both pre-trade and post trade, has become a complex task. EndLINK provides a single view across all cleared products at all clearing brokers.



Key Features:

  • Pre-trade:
    – What-if analysis and smart routing
    – Eligibility and capacity check
  • Post-trade:
    – Clearing fee validation
    – Automated processing of clearing broker reports

Key Benefits:

  • Maintain connectivity to clearing brokers
  • Normalisation of output to clients
  • Provides speed-to-market/limited integration for additional CCPs and CBs
  • Long-term Partner with access to a range of Clearing Houses
  • Turn-key solutions reduces clients’ time to market
  • Solidifies client franchise through post trade services