DirectLINK enables market access for end users and regional banks in transition to becoming a clearing member across single or multiple clearing houses and asset classes.

Sernova Financial’s service platform recreates the shared infrastructure and service elements of a traditional clearing broker, providing clients with a faster route to market and a lower total cost of ownership than traditionally experienced with in-house or enterprise third party solutions.



Key Features:

  • Default Management Process (DMP)/Fire drill
  • Margin estimation
  • Transparency of margin calls
  • Comprehensive reporting suite
  • CCP end and intra-day connectivity
  • Regulatory compliance solutions

Key Benefits:

  • Scalable and flexible to accommodate different market conditions
  • Enables variable cost base and moves Capital Expenditure to Operating Expenditure
  • Reduced cost across operations, development and support
  • Global service coverage
  • Long-term partner across asset classes and front-to back solutions
  • Turn-key solutions reduces clients’ time to market