Why Sernova?

Sernova Financial’s cloud-based clearing service recreates the shared infrastructure and service elements of traditional clearing brokers and counterparties, providing clients with reduced risk, lower costs, capital efficiency and increased flexibility than with traditional in-house or third party solutions.

Unique Partnerships


Sernova Financial – Team

Sernova Financial’s solutions are designed and built by ex-prime services professionals of a top-tier global bank with specialisation on intermediation, clearing, risk management and delivering a whole product solution.


Calypso – Technology

Sernova Financial uses an established single platform that is the backbone of most OTC clearing houses and supports the full front-to-back lifecycle management of cash, securities and derivatives.

TCS – Service delivery

Delivered by TCS’ unique IT-BPS synergy, Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) models, domain depth and customer centric Value BPSTM approach.


Variable pricing model

  • Transition from Capital to operating expenditure
  • Enables variable cost base
  • Seamless extension for new CCPs and products

Shared services

  • Enables significant cost reduction, new product/functionality affordability
  • Low cost base for platform management and maintenance/upgrade
  • 31% annual saving as a result of using Sernova

Global Service Coverage

  • 24/5 support coverage
  • Global and local clearing houses
  • Multi asset

Long term partner

  • Whole product solution provider
  • ETD clearing
  • Collateral management (for non-cleared)

Regulatory compliance

  • Recreates big banks compliance for global and local markets
  • No conflict of interest, no Chinese walls – only client business
  • Provides regulatory compliance reporting
  • Ensures regulatory compliance in local markets

Turn-key solutions

  • Market standard product built in combination with clients
  • No conflict of interest between proprietary and client business needs – clients come first
  • Adaptability of solution to incorporate wider market needs